Server super-powered for hosting in Tokyo!|hosting用のサーバー超増強 in 東京!




以下、技術的にマニアックで申し訳ないが、少々背景を…。弊社がWordPress( )でつくったサイトの数が増加し、PHP( )によるメモリ使用が爆上がりし処理速度が落ちていたことが課題でした。PHPハンドラがたまに落ちるのも何とかしたかった。かつ、弊社サーバーはOSがCentOS( )の7だったので、そのEOL(保証付き使用期間)が6月に終わるので、入替えが必要で計画中でした。丁度よいタイミングで、サーバーでお世話になってるインドの技術パートナー会社から勧められたため、一昨日のタイミングで乗り換えを決定。

結果、OSはCentOS 7.xからAlmaLinux 8.x( )になり、応じてサーバー管理ソフトのcPanelとWHM( )も最新版に更新、機能と安定感が増強して一安心。物理ではCPUチップを今まで2個だったのを4個に増強し、ストレージもHDDからSDD( )に変更し耐性と速度をアップさせ容量も増加しました。何より、今回は箱自体をインドのムンバイから東京のデータセンターに移動したので、日本との交通は格段に速くなります。


Just yesterday, after 18 hours of total concentration, we installed a new server for the hosting business. Since all functions have been increased and the physical server location is now in Tokyo, we can guarantee several times the speed, stability, and security of the previous one, especially for our Japanese clients.

However, the price is the same, but the performance has been super boosted. So if you are in need of a website builder or a server rental, please contact us! Welcome your friends, too! We’ll make it even cheaper!

Sorry for the technical geekery, but here’s a little background… As the number of websites we have built with WordPress has increased, so has been the use of PHP. We also wanted to do something about the occasional crash of the PHP handler. In addition, our server was running CentOS 7, and its EOL (end of life warranty period) was scheduled to end in June, so we needed to replace it. At just the right time, we decided to switch the OS from CentOS 7.7 because it was recommended by our technology partner company in India, which we have been working with for our servers.

As a result, the OS was changed to AlmaLinux 8.x, and the server management software cPanel and WHM were also updated to the latest versions, meaning the functionality and stability of the software and server were enhanced, which was a big relief. Physically, the number of CPU chips has been increased from 2 to 4, and the storage has been changed from HDD to SDD to improve resistance and speed, and to increase capacity. Most importantly, the box itself has been moved from Mumbai, India to the Tokyo data center, so traffic to and from Japan will be much faster.

The bottom-line is we have increased the hosting capacity and kept the price the same, so if you (and your friends) have any related needs, please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems using our servers.

(Photo by Florian Krumm on Unsplash

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