High stock prices and Japan being bought out|高い株価と買い叩かれる日本






From the viewpoint of foreign companies and investors, Japan is a superb bargain because it has highly skilled human resources and infrastructure resources, yet it can be bought and sold at a very low price. Amazon, for example, is investing more money to build data centers in Japan than in India, which is the super-hot market.

As a result, the stock price goes up because of the influx of funds from overseas and high demand. In fact, it has been going up recently, hasn’t it? However, as many global investors who are familiar with Japanese situations point out, it is actually only foreigners who are “enjoying the sweet juices” in such a good economic environment, and the very Japanese living in Japan are still suffering from high prices and no salary increase, which is almost surreal. What is on earth the matter?

It is strange to think that Japan is losing out while foreigners are winning alone, even though Japan is attracting a lot of attention and popularity. Much responsibility goes to the malfunction of the Japanese business world, which is unable to make structural changes especially around major corporations at its core, and the old-fashioned political world, which has become ever increasingly blind to these changing situations.

This must be corrected as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will be bought off cheap and Japanese talents will flow out. I’m happy to see my country being popular! However, it doesn’t make any sense that the cronies who are sending love calls are making money, while the value of the popular person who is the center of the attention, somehow losing it all.

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