Super detailed “Cherry Blossom Front” forecast map|めっちゃ詳しい「桜前線」予想図

Here is a very detailed “Cherry Blossom Front” forecast chart in English. If you know anyone outside of Japan who is planning to travel to Japan this spring to enjoy cherry blossom, please share this with them. It is indeed rare to find such a nation-level event to celebrate a specific season. Japan is “super cheap” right now, so it’s a good deal.

Of course, information about the Noto Peninsula Earthquake is being shared in many countries. Some experts are predicting a drop in inbound because people who still do not know the geography of Japan well will not recognize it as a “big earthquake in the Joetsu region” but will take it as a “big earthquake in Japan (as a whole)”, and perhaps, unfortunately, that will be the case. Most of the Malaysians around me who are Japan lovers have visited various parts of Japan more than 5 times, so I don’t think they will have that concern, though.

とても詳しい「桜前線」の予想図を英語で。この春、cherry blossomを楽しみに日本へ旅行に行こうとされている日本国外の方がおられたら、ぜひシェアしてあげて下さい。特定の季節にこんなに国を挙げて愛でようとするイベントは中々他では見られませんからね。いま日本は「超絶安い」ので、お得ですし。


(Photo by Simon Ma on Unsplash

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