Are they really “passwords”?「鍵」になってない「鍵言葉」

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(image source: Kacper Pempel | REUTERS)

For real!? You keep using these stupid “passwords” for the websites you log in? You’re doing that in this online era where a security breach could cause you to lose your whole assets and even risk your life (if using some serious biomedical devices) ? Damn!

Well, because of this careless custom, I was able to get into the local network of my small community college in a rural town of Wyoming a quarter century ago, and successfully learned UNIX and MS-DOS commands as well as greeted the earlier versions of the Internet. This eventually led me to run my own IT firm later. So it’s not a big…NO, NO! IT IS A BIG DEAL!! It was almost 30 years ago! It is absolutely a bad custom TODAY, I’m sure.

I believe you guys out there don’t treat your passwords like that in this article. But do make sure to include both small and big letters, at least one number, and one symbol if the systems lets you. Maybe you’d better to have more than 8 digits, too. Never share yours with others, needless to say.






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